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7inch Multi-Touch Module    




■ Touch Screen Size

■ Touch Type

■ Touch Resolution

■ Touch Structure

■ Touch Finger Point

■ Touch Controller

■ Touch Interface

■ Cover Lens Material

■ Surface Hardness

■ Transmittance/Haze

■ Protective Film

■ Total Thickness

■ Weight

Projected Capacitive with cover lens

1024(W) x 600(H)

G + F + F , Film type

10 point

Solomon SSD2533

I2C, 10pin FPC

Chemically Strenghened Glass

≥ 6H

≥ 88% / 3% max

Bulit-in protective film

1.63 mm

0.073 Kg

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[Top View]


[Bottom View]


[TSP Structure]


MCP Multi-Touch Screens, introduces to the market the release of our Projective Capacitive Touch Screens with superior optical characteristics. Multi-Touch panel also comes standard with an optically bonded, 1.1 mm thick soda-lime cover glass which adds durability and is ready to be incorporated into touch driven devices.


■ Multi Touch Support

  You can press all 10 fingers on the screen at once,

  with accurate tracking even when fingers are close together.


TSP is aligned on the Innolux 7inch LCD (EJ70NA-01C)

Touch products are provided after attached with

   a protective film, also provide the extra protective film,

   It is hard-coated film.

The Backside-tape of Touch panel is attached.




Drawing (2D)

Structure (3D)

  TSP Structure


  Packing List:

[MT-S070-01A] - 1pcs [Extra Protective Film] - 1pcs