Touch Screen & LCD solutions to enhance your business

Capacitive Touch Screen technology is used for Industrial control system, Interactive touch table, Hospital healthcare, Education, AV Equip, retail, self serve check-outs, information kiosks, on factory floors, and many other applications. MCP Multi-Touch Screens, introduces to the market the release of our Projected Capacitive Touch Screens with superior optical characteristics.

Projected Capacitive Technology is fast becoming the standard for multi-touch interactivity and used by most popular interactive mobile and tablet devices. The system has been tuned to work together as an integrated subsystem, making it extremely easy for an OEM or ODM to design it into a product.

We offer the complete solution, the Multi-touch sensor module with the controller IC mounted directly to the FPC COF(Chip On Flex) for customers seeking a total solution. We designers are able to combine the vibrant optical quality of TFT display, the robust functionality of a Multi-touch panel and the extreme durability of projected capacitive technology required by demanding embedded applications.

The 7inch touch modules will work with gloves. you can use without having to buy special handwear. Not the capacitive glove, only use common style glove. This is a necessary solution in the industrial field.

Android Applicances from Muilti-Touch

■ ODROID-X/X2 Board running
■ Capacitive Touch Screen
■ Multi-Touch with up to 10 points
■ 7inch LCD, 1024 x 600 resolution
■ Support Android driver






  • AgNW G/F/F Projected Capacitive type
  • Multi-touch 10 point
  • USB Interface
    • Windows 7/8 OS
    • HID compliant
  • Outline Dimension
    • Cover : 532.2 x 311.0mm
    • Thickness : 2.45mm
  • Active Area
    • 509.184 x 286.416mm
  • Cover Glass
    • Tickness : 2T
    • Black Printed





Experience Large Multi-Touch
Benefit of PCAP is the ability to build larger-size panels. Everyone is familiar with a smartphone's small screen size, but PCAP has entered new industries and is being used for laptops and interactive gaming machines with screen sizes up to 40 inches. The larger area opens doors for workplace collaboration and multiple people benefiting from the same PCAP screen.

  • LCD MIPI(4 lane) interface
    • 40pin I-PEX cable
  • 1024x600 resolution
  • Connectivity ODROID-XU
  • 10point Capacitive touch
  • Support kernel source
    • Android 4.4
    • Ubuntu 3.10

Android Applicances from Muilti-Touch

[MTL-S070-DM-01A]           [ML-070-DM-01A]
$129.9                            $99.9

Operating with ODROID-XU
- Capacitive Multi-touch
- LCD Connection : MIPI 4Lane
- High performance operations